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Show Your Love this Christmas with Customized Bead Jewelry

Posted by Andersons Bead Room on 10/22/2014
Customized jewelry can be the perfect gift you could give your family and friends this holiday season. There are hundreds of beautiful beads to choose from and it’s now up to your creative skills to produce great bead combinations. By matching the kinds and colors of beads and finding out which ones look good, you can show your loved ones how much thought and effort you put into making the gift, not just plucked in a hurry during a last-minute shopping frenzy.

Tensile Strength

Posted by Anderson's Bead Room on 10/17/2014
The wire used to create beaded jewelry needs to be strong. Sadly, accidents will happen, and devastation will occur. To prevent such mishaps, using line with the right tensile strength for your beading projects will keep your handmade jewelry from breaking and spilling your hard work all over

Halloween is the New Christmas

Posted by Andersons Bead Room on 10/3/2014
When September rolls around and the kids go back to school, a sense of calm is in the air. A calm much like the eye of a hurricane. Because just around the corner, Halloween is lurking in all of its glorious ghoulishness.
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