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Trends to Watch Out for Swarovski Jewelry in 2015

Posted by Andersons Bead Room on 12/17/2014
Whether you are beading for business or hobby, it would be nice to keep up with what's going to be next, especially if you have trendsetting clients or friends. As the year draws to a close, let's look at what experts say about the themes for Swarovski jewelry in 2015.

Classic Swarovski themes bring us back to the carefree summers of childhood – memories filled with summer camps, warm sunshine, and easy family get-togethers outdoors. So the prevailing motif for this type of beading is to use opalescent colors along with bright, childlike ones such as iridescent green, blue zircon, capri blue, turquoise, chrysolite opal and tanzanite. The pieces are made with whimsical designs that recreate the boundless energy and creativity of youth.

The romance in Swarovski themes refers to reconnecting with nature, a reminder that life can be simple and meaningful if created with intent. As such, there is an emphasis in the use of materials that reflect the colors abundant in nature: (starfish-shaped) bermuda blue crystal, champagne, peach, aqua, emerald, crystal, pearls, amethyst, lapis, lavender, and topaz. Romantic pieces are expected to go back to their artisanal roots, a back-to-the-land philosophy where nature both inspires and nurtures the body, mind and spirit. Expect a lot of bohemian designs infused with African and Native American elements.

Vivid Moments
The theme for vivid moments makes generous use of colors that really stand out to help remind you that while you can revel in the past and be hopeful of the future, you also need to live your life in the present. Fuchsia, coral, padparadscha, bright gold, tanzanite, and siam are all attention-getting if used in harmony with other colors. In keeping with the theme, this type of beadwork reflects current fashion attitudes which can be best summed by up the ‘you only live once’ school of thought.

Glamour is all about using big, bold and decadent pieces in monochrome or muted colors to create statement jewelry. Recommended colors would be mauve, copper, vintage gold, light grey, cream rose, platinum, antique brass, emerald, burgundy, black, black diamond, deep brown, tahitian, bronze, blackberry, and ivory. Glamour is all about understated elegance – inviting second glances without stealing the scene.