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Tensile Strength

Posted by Anderson's Bead Room on 10/17/2014
I wore the special-made beaded bracelet that my sister had given to me every day for years. It had two rows of amethyst-colored beads of different shades, shaped like crystals and interspersed with some brushed nickel spacers. Tying everything together was a flat little silver medallion that stated simply “26.2.” I knew what it meant; she knew what it meant, and that was all that mattered. Wearing this bracelet gave me strength, reminded me that I was a marathon runner, reminded me that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

On my fortieth birthday, my wrist caught the back of a chair, the fishing line holding the strung beads together snapped and they all went flying. I scrambled all over the floor rescuing as many beads as I could find. But the crowded bar was dark, and too many feet crunched near my fingers. There was no way I’d find all of those precious, perfect beads. My heart broke as quickly as that plastic twine.

The line used to create beaded jewelry needs to be strong. Sadly, accidents will happen, and devastation will occur. To prevent such mishaps, using line with the right tensile strength for your beading projects will keep your handmade jewelry from breaking and spilling your hard work all over.

While craft wire is great for many things, it may be too stiff for things like bracelets and beaded necklaces. Over time it could break where the wire has been weakened from bending. Using products like Fireline, a braided beading thread, will keep your beads in line and off the floor, and not stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoes.

Prevent broken bracelets, broken fingers, and broken hearts by using a high tensile strength cord. You’ll give strength not only to your beaded creation, but you’ll also give strength to the love you put into making it.