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Show Your Love this Christmas with Customized Bead Jewelry

Posted by Andersons Bead Room on 10/22/2014

Gift-giving should not lose its real magic just because stores and malls are running out of new ideas. When we give gifts, we are sending a message along with the item, and that message, even though sometimes cliché, is treasured by the recipient especially if given thoughtfully. This is why we spend long hours shopping for gifts for our loved ones, something different from what we got them last Christmas. Yes, gift-hunting can be that difficult, but you can do it from the comfort of your couch and yet come up with something unique, something personalized.

Customized jewelry can be the perfect gift you could give your family and friends this holiday season. There are hundreds of beautiful beads to choose from and it’s up to you. however limited you feel about your creative skills, to produce great bead combinations. By matching the kinds and colors of beads and finding out which ones look good, you can show your loved ones how much thought and effort you put into making the gift, not just plucked in a hurry during a last-minute shopping frenzy.

Mothers would appreciate whatever presents sent their way, but wouldn’t mom feel 
more special if she were to get a charming Swarovski bracelet, or a boxful of it to complement her set of Sunday dresses? Wouldn’t your friend with boho-chic fashion tastes be ecstatic to receive an insanely crafted multi-layered necklace made of mirage mood beads? The tree-huggers in your life can get their fair share of seed beads in earth tone colors and matte finish. As for your yogi relative or colleague, a beaded necklace with chakra pendants might be more appropriate. The kids can have trinkets with their names on them made with pewter block alphabet beads. The combinations are virtually endless; your imagination is only the limit.

Getting started on beading is also easy, to say nothing of its therapeutic benefits once you are in the ‘zone.’ You don’t need to have a background in the arts, although that would immensely help, to come up with some really to-die-for designs. If you really don't know where to begin, take advantage of our demonstrations. Patient trial and error in mixing and matching beads, in putting them side by side and visualizing how they would look when finished, is all you need to get started. Of course you would need supplies, and that alone would be worth the hunt – and the fun! If you’d rather save time and devote it to crafting, browse through our catalog and have your orders sent to you instead.

You still have plenty of time to put together a bundle of beaded gifts, and who knows you might love beading so much to make a business out of it. That would be a colorful way to start your New Year!