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Project of the Month

Wondering what you can make to bring a little extra something to any season? Then you’ve come to the right place! Anderson’s Bead Room brings you fun ways to create beautiful, fun, and seasonal jewelry with our Project of the Month.

May 2017 Bracelet of the Month


8mm Smooth Round Dyed Agate

8mm Faceted Round Dyed Agate

10mm S/P Textured Aluminum Chain

Swarovski 5mm Crystal Rondelle

S/P 4mm Sparkle Crimp Cover

S/P 6 mm Soldered Jump Ring


Wire Protectors


Beading Wire

~ On a 12” Piece of Beading wire String in the following order: 2 Lt Blue Beads; 1 Rondelle; 1 Dk Blue Bead; 1 Rondelle

Then repeat 3 times. Add 2 remaining Lt Blue beads.


~ On one end put on Crimp; Wire Protector & Jump ring. Crimp

in place; Put on Crimp cover.


~ On the other end put on Crimp, Wire Protector through chain link. Crimp in place; Put on Crimp Cover


~ Take chain, determine how long you want the chain, fold in half. Open the last link & connect to attach to the other last link. On one end attach clasp.

This Month's Project has been made into Kits! $12.99 Each