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Pearl Sample

Posted by anderson bead room on 1/1/2016

Delightful Pearls



1 strand of Mixed Pearls

1 tube 11/0-528 White Pearl Seed Beads

1 Traditional Silver Plate Pearl Clasp

Set up:

24" Soft Flex, 2 crimps, 2 wire Protectors, 2 Crimp Covers


Pick one strand of mixed pearls.

I found a strand with a large brown pearl

Brown is my favorite color, so that was my center pearl.

Then just alternate one 11/0-528 white seed bead between each pearl.

Every strand is different, so every necklace will be different.

Add your crimp, wire protector, and clasp to each side.

Crimp in place. Add crimp covers.

This necklace is about 18" long.