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Not a Lariet

Posted by Andersons Bead Room on 5/1/2016

1 strand -6mm Blue Czech Fire Polish Beads
11/0-250 Seed Beads
8/0-2430 Seed Beads
8/10-19 Seed Beads
1 pkg. - 4mm Light Sapphire AB Bicones
2 Starfish beads
2 strand Filigree Clasp
Set Up:
.010 Beadalon Wire, 4 crimps, 
4 Wire Protectors, 4 Crimp Covers

Cut 4 strand of 50" .010 Beadalon Wire.

Take one of the wires and make a loop with the seed beads
by placing the seed beads in the center of the 60" wire.
It can be random, but I did:
3-11/0 Seed Beads, 1-8/0, 6 times ending with 3-11/0 Seed beads.
Put both of the wires through the Starfish bead and the forms a loop.
Treat the two wires as one and randomly pick - up
Seed Beads, 11/0, & 8/0 Light and dark blue
6mm Fire Polish,
4mm Swarovski, Light Sapphire AB Bicones 

Repeat with second wire.
Add crimps, wire protector, and attach to clasp.
Note:  I had to remove the rings on the clasp to use the wire portectors.

The length of the strands after the starfish bead.
(you can make it longer or shorter)
Outside strand 8 1/2" long from starfish bead.
Inside strand 8 1/4" long from starfish bead.
One side of the Necklace is done.

Take one strand of wire and put a 11/0 seed bead in the center of the wire.
Fold the wire in half and put about 2" of a random selection of the beads.
Pass both wire through the second starfish bead and the add 8 1/2"of beads.
Add Crimp, Wire Protector  and crimp to the clasp. 
Repeat with second strand of wire, adding 8 1/4" of beads.
Add crimp, wire protector to clasp.  Crimp.
Add crimp covers (optional)