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Leather & Wood

Posted by Gail on 1/1/2016

Leather & Wood Beads




6 foot 1.5 mm Leather

2 strands Wood Beads

22 Gauge Silver Plate Wire

1 lobster Claw with soldered Ring


Take 3 foot of leather and cut is in 3 lengths, 11", 13", 15"

Then add beads to this leather

11' add 15 Wooden beads

13" add 20 Wooden Beads

15" add 25 Wooden Beads

Note: Sometimes you may have to readout the wooden beads.

Gather the Leather ends together and fold it over in half.

Then do 5 tight rapes to make a loop.

Repeat on the other side.

I wanted a very long draping necklace....

so I used another 3 foot of leather and cut it in half.

Fold each piece of leather in half,

draw it through the existing loop on the three strands.

Wrap 5 snug wraps around the leather.

At the end of the two strands fold the leather down.

Add your clasp and wrap five times.

Repeat on the other side with the other half of your clasp.

This necklace is 26" long and is very casual.

Add different Wood beads for a more Colorful look or even

a hammered link where the leather is attached