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Leather Bracelet

Posted by on 1/1/2016

Flat Leather Bracelet

Supplies: 14 inches 5 mm leather ( 7 ½” bracelet)

Bracelet blank, star slider, Swarovski ss 39 chaton, new super glue.


Pick, Cut & Glue - O So Easy


Pick a color 5mm Leather.

Pick a Color Swarovski Chaton SS39


Glue SS39 in the bracelet blank.

Do not let glue touch the tope of the Swarovski.


Fold leather in half.

Put the star slider on the two pieces of leather.


Fit the leather in the Bracelet Blank.

Test the size before you cut the leather.

Make sure the bracelet fits before you glue.

Test again.

Put Glue in the Bracelet Clasp.

Insert leather and hold for a few minutes.