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Halloween is the New Christmas

Posted by Andersons Bead Room on 10/3/2014

When September rolls around and the kids go back to school, a sense of calm is in the air. A calm much like the eye of a hurricane. Because just around the corner, Halloween is lurking in all of its glorious ghoulishness.

It used to be folks would stroll the neighborhood during the winter holidays looking at Christmas lights and lawns adorned with festive holiday decorations. Perhaps they still do. But as Gen-Xers embrace Halloween more so than their Baby Boomer parents, more black wreaths with orange lights hang on front doors, black “Christmas” trees are adorned with Halloween themed ornaments, or lit up in purple, orange and neon green glory.

Embrace your inner ghoul by creating your own Halloween decorations. Turn tomato cones upside down and wrap them with black garland and some lights. Add a few hooks to some Halloween themed ornaments and voila! You’ve got your own handmade Halloween lawn ornament. Use different sized wire cones, and add toss some bones around the yard. And then when Halloween is over, you can use those same cones to make Christmas tree decorations.

If you’re in need of some jewelry for a costume party, try your hand at making your own. Dangle spiders, pumpkins, and ghosts from your earlobes. Thread skull beads onto bracelets or hair pins. Weave spider webs into long necklaces. All it takes is some craft wire, a few Halloween themed beads, and a little imagination.