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Earth & Sea

Posted by gail on 1/1/2016
Earth & Sea
1 Strand Oval Olive Jade
1 Strand top feed Pearls
1 tube 11/0-1981
Trailer Hitch or  A Clasp of Choice
Set Up (Fine Beading Wire, Crimps, Wire Protectors, & Crimp covers)

This style can be a choker or a long necklace.
Cut the length of wire that you Like the most.
String 11/0 seed bead, oval Olive Jade, 11/0 seed bead and 3 top drilled pearls.
Repeat until you have your desired length.
Add Crimp, Wire Protector, and Clasp.
Crimp In Place.
Cover Crimps with crimp covers.
Note:  Keep in mind, Gemstones look great with pearls or 
should I say pearls look great with any gemstone. :)
Add a fancier toggle or clasp and wear it in the front if desired.