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Dragon Fly In the Grass

Posted by Administrator on 1/1/2016

Dragon Fly in the Grass



Dragonfly Pendant

1 Russian Serpentine Jade Focal Bead

1 long head pin

1 Strand Czech Glass Chips

12 – 4mm Chrysolite 2 AB

1 package Bead Caps

2" of chain

1 - 6 mm Swarovski Chrysolite 2AB

1 Head pin

Lobster Claw Clasp

Set Up ( 24" Soft Flex Wire, 2 Crimps, 2 Wire Protectors, and Crimp Covers)



Cut the loop off the Dragonfly pendant and mold it to the Russian Serpentine Jade.

Using a long head pin, make this your pendant (this is the same process as making an earring)

Cut 24" of Fin Soft Flex Wire and drop your pendant to the center of the wire.

String on each side of the wire:  5 Czech Glass Chips, 1- 4mm Swarovski Chrysolite 2 AB,

1 Bead Cap, 1 Russian Serpentine Bead, 1 Bead Cap, 1-4mm Swarovski Chrysolite 2 AB, 

10 Czech Glass chips, 1 Swarovski Chrysolite 2 AB, 1 Bead Cap,1 Russian Serpentine Bead, 

1 Bead Cap, 1- 4mm Swarovski Chrysolite 2 AB, Repeat until the chips are gone ending with the last of the Czech Glass chips.

Add Crimp Wire Protector and Lobster Claw to one end of necklace. Crimp in place.

Add Crimp, Wire Protector and 2 inches of chain to other end of necklace. Crimp in place.

Add crimp cover to both sides.

Add 1- 6mm Chrysolite 2 AB to a head pin and attach it to the end of the chain for a finished look.

This necklace is 16” plus a 2” extension.

Happy Beading!