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Carved Jade Medallion & Tassel Necklace

Posted by Andersons Bead Room on 10/1/2016

Carved Jade Medallion & Tassel Necklace


Supplies:   Carved Jade Medallion


                  Charm (jump ring)

                  Modern beadalon ear wires

                  12mm round red ladolite beads

                  10mm round wood beads

                  sm dyed red coral chips

                  beadalon bead stringing wire

                  1.5 x 1.5mm crimp tubes


put loop trough center hole of medallion; take up excess & tie an overhand loop; attach charm to loop end


create your alternating pattern with beads (hint: nice to have smooth beads go along the back of the neck for comfort against the skin)  


String on the beadalon bead stringing wire (hint: leave on beadalon spool until you are sure you are happy with the length and how the pattern hangs)


 put crimps between each of the small beads for security & design elements; string through the ear wire holes & feed back through beads & crimps; flatten crimps *be sure the beads that will be before the crimps will take two widths of the beading wire*  do this at both ends (the second side be sure to take up all excess space)


Put ear wire loops through the holes in the medallion & tighten closed


Put it over your head & proudly wear! J