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Alligator & Amber

Posted by gail on 2/1/2016
Alligator & Amber

1 Strand Amber Chips
1 tube 11/0-1 Seed Beads
1 Alligator Toggle
Set-Up (Fine Beading Wire, Crimps, Wire Protector, Crimp Covers)

String on wire -  11/0 Seed Bead, 1 Chip (Repeat 5 more times), 12 Amber Chips and repeat staring with 11/0 Seed Bead until you get your desired length.
Add Crimp, Wire Protector and 1/2 of the Alligator Clasp, to each end.
Crimp in Place
Add Crimp Covers

I liked combining amber and alligator together -- Two Primitives