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A Charming Season

Posted by Andersons Bead Room on 9/12/2014

As the season turns from the hot summer to the cooler autumn, much of the focus around our houses and neighborhoods falls upon that great pagan celebration known as Halloween. Whether we have kids or grandkids of our own or we know of friends' or neighbors' kids, Halloween is a fun time for all kids and grown-ups alike.

Some of the costumes, decorations and activities around Halloween are spooky, some are creepy, but most are fun and whimsical. You could even say they are charming, especially those with realistic details that they almost seem to be alive.

Many grown-ups love to join their kids and get in the spirit of the season by dressing up or putting up decorations - or both! Many people like the spirit of the day so much, they would love to dress up every day of the week leading up to Halloween - but, alas, costumes can be problematic if they are worn too much. So what to do?

Well, of course, you can look into little accents to your outfits that will bring about the Halloween spirit - such as earrings, socks, or even seasonal costume jewelry or - our favorite! - charms. We are always looking to be in Halloween mode as the season comes close, and we like to wear cute little charms on our necklaces and bracelets to add a whimsical and spooky but fun accent to whatever fall outfit we are wearing. The great ting about charms is that you don't have to wear specific Halloween colors or color schemes - you can wear whatever fall clothes you want and these charms add a Halloween accent to your ensemble, instead of the other way around.

Be sure to shop for the perfect charms to accent your fall outfits and show your enthusiasm for Halloween!