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3 Jewelry Materials to Start Your New Year Projects

Posted by Anderon's Bead Room on 1/15/2015
Fashion gurus have spoken, and it's always a good idea to take your cue from them to keep up with the times. As is the tradition at the start of the year, they have laid out the foundation for how jewelry and accessories will look in 2015. If you need inspiration to embark on a brand new project or to breathe new direction to a project that stalled, here are some suggestions you can bring to the table. 


Pendants are going to get front and center attention this year if the runways for Spring 2015 collection are any indication. Pendant materials range from metals to gemstones, leather, pearls, and those that come from nature unprocessed or nature-inspired. So if you are stuck with a necklace project, slip a chakra or sea glass pendant on a string for an auspicious start. If that’s not enough challenge, make your own using glass pearls or seed beads.

Mood beads

Hippie-themed jewelry have never really been out of style because they are not in style; they have their own personality unaffected by the whims of those who walk the catwalks. Mood beads make the perfect base for any adornment that would make any peace lover or tree hugger giddy with delight. This is also the year when something old is new again: estate jewelry and pieces with a medieval touch make great statement earrings and necklaces. Our mirage mood beads have plenty of character with well-worn look as though they were once worn by Grandma.

Swarovski Crystals

Long been staple of jewelry makers, Swarovski crystals this year can take on a funkier role in mismatched earrings. The askew look took off last year when Amal Clooney was spotted wearing mismatched but coordinated bubblegum-colored kitten heels.  That calculated asymmetry has bled over to the jewelry front, and there has never been a better time to experiment with never-before conceived patterns and styles. Single earring is also predicted to take off, so you can experiment to your heart’s content and wear your ‘mistakes’ both at the same or one at a time. 

Let these fashion forecasts guide you as you start your year with an eye open to possibilities, but as always, your projects should speak to you and channel your inner artist. Dare to break free from the mold and create something truly authentic.